Halloween Comes a-knockin’

Long story short, I love Halloween. My parents didn’t celebrate Christmas growing up, so when most kids fall in love with the presents and elves and creepy fat dudes in big white beards, I fell in love with costumes and skulls and bubbling cauldrons.

A delightful friend of mine, Michael Pearce, let me do some Halloween nail art on him. And you know what? It is cool when guys do their nails. They have a lot more real estate to work with than girls like me with tiny, tiny fingers, and especially for the holidays it’s a great way to get festive.

On one hand, we used an orange base and put black stripes/black nail art on top. On the other hand, we inverted the pattern to have a black base and orange stripes/nail art.

On top of the ring-finger bling, I did custom art on both of Michael’s thumbs. I swiped the cat shape from the old “Tourneé du Chat Noir” posters everyone had hanging in their college dorm rooms. For the orange on black cat, I had to put down a layer of a beige-orange polish first in order for the Revlon sparkle-orange to show up against the black.

The hands together look pretty snazzy. Very Michael’s style. We were both very pleased with the results.

For this design I used:

-Revlon Tangerine

-L’Oreal The Queen’s Ambition (sparkle-black base)

-Wet n’ Wild Ebony Hates Chris (thumb)