Red Ribbon with some Bling

I wanted to do someone else’s nails for a change, and my friend Rianna has always liked her clothes black, so I designed something with a pure onyx base coat and then slapped some bling on top.

The stripes were done with scotch tape after the black had dried and I applied the white with a dotter. Be careful when you apply top-coat–you’ve got three layers of wet paint and, as you can see, I pressed too hard and got a little sperm tendril thing there. Boo.

I picked up some SEC N’ DRY by ORLY for these kinds of jobs because it dries lots of paint really quickly.

I used:

– Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris

– Nina Ultra Pro Mariachi

– Finger Paints Paper Mache


While We’re on the Subject of Pink

I was never a “pink” girl growing up. In fact, I believe at some point I issued an executive order banning all pink from my room, be it toy ponies or those stretch leggings everyone was wearing in the 90s.

But at some point in college, I decided pink wasn’t evil anymore. Maybe I’d finally given up being a TOMBOY 4 LYFE and started liking any color I wanted to like. Or maybe it was boys. Either way, pink has become one of my favorite colors to paint nails with, so I bring to you:

Candy Dot NailsCandy Dots

This is a super simple design–my first one, actually. It’s accomplished with a simple dotting tool. I found that letting dots seep over the edge gives the design a nice flow.

This is a design that works best with uneven-sized dots. It gives it a fun, playful look. And man do I love that baby blue.

To achieve this design, I used:

Sinful Colors Dream On (base coat)

Sinful Colors Savage (dots)

Candy Dots - thumb

My application of the base coat leaves something to be desired.

Farewell to Summer – Reverse Drip

I love summer. Sometimes it seems like sunshine runs in my blood, and I turn into a sort of mutated rage monster when it vanishes in the wintertime. The leaves are changing, the weather is starting to cool, so I thought I’d say my final farewells to my favorite season with some bright, colorful bling.

To achieve the reverse drip effect, I applied a base layer of orange glitter (3 coats–that Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry stuff is great but the lighter colors are pretty transparent) and ran a tiny layer of magenta across the tip, like a French manicure. With a dot tool, I dragged the wet paint upward, and then made trailing drips with the dotter.

Summertime Reverse Drip

To achieve this design, I used:

Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry

Sinful Colors Dream On