Stripes Are In

This design rocks because it’s stupid easy, and looks way more sophisticated than it actually is; plus you can get creative with color choices (I like to hold out one hand at a time and say, “Now it’s pink. No, now it’s blue. Now it’s pink again! It’s whatever I want!”).

You’ll notice my stripes aren’t exactly what one would call, erm, clean. I was kinda late to the game to some of these super really dumb-simple nail design tips:

1. When working on a design like polka dots or stripes, wait until all the polish is dry to apply topcoat, or the topcoat tends to streak.

2. When using tape to create stripes, pull off the tape as soon as possible. For some reason products that do this kind of thing (french tip tape, for example) say to let the polish dry completely before removing.

False. This is so wrong I can’t even describe how wrong it is. It is wronger than wearing an old wedding gown to your great uncle’s funeral.

Well. Now we know.

For this design I used:

-Revlon French Roast

-Sinful Colors Timbleberry

-Sinful Colors Savage

(I may or may not use Savage and Timbleberry in freakin’ everything)

(you’ve probably noticed by now)

(that’s because they are THE BEST.)


Halloween Comes a-knockin’

Long story short, I love Halloween. My parents didn’t celebrate Christmas growing up, so when most kids fall in love with the presents and elves and creepy fat dudes in big white beards, I fell in love with costumes and skulls and bubbling cauldrons.

A delightful friend of mine, Michael Pearce, let me do some Halloween nail art on him. And you know what? It is cool when guys do their nails. They have a lot more real estate to work with than girls like me with tiny, tiny fingers, and especially for the holidays it’s a great way to get festive.

On one hand, we used an orange base and put black stripes/black nail art on top. On the other hand, we inverted the pattern to have a black base and orange stripes/nail art.

On top of the ring-finger bling, I did custom art on both of Michael’s thumbs. I swiped the cat shape from the old “Tourneé du Chat Noir” posters everyone had hanging in their college dorm rooms. For the orange on black cat, I had to put down a layer of a beige-orange polish first in order for the Revlon sparkle-orange to show up against the black.

The hands together look pretty snazzy. Very Michael’s style. We were both very pleased with the results.

For this design I used:

-Revlon Tangerine

-L’Oreal The Queen’s Ambition (sparkle-black base)

-Wet n’ Wild Ebony Hates Chris (thumb)

The 70s Called

They want their orange couch back.

This started out as a “I am trying to get in the fall mood but summer is over and, I’m not fooling anyone, I hate fall” design and became a 1970s throwback pattern instead. So, there you have it.

After a bottom coat of orange, I laid tape down over the top and painted the copper, then tried to peel it off and do the beige when it was dry.

Long story short, don’t do it that way. Cut a strip of tape the size of the middle stripe and just paint carefully along the top and bottom. Peel off while still wet. The wetter when you peel and the thinner your polish coat, the sharper the line.

For this design I used:

– Revlon Tangerine (base coat)

– Color Craze Desert Dune

– China Glaze Kalahari Kiss